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Sam’s Army + PSG Watch Party / Podcast Crossover

Sam’s Safe Space for Soccer Stoolies


Hi haters™,

So there it is. The tweet that launched a thousand (thinly-read) blogs. Dan was obviously lying about the “great writer” part but no blood no foul. Thinking back, when I first started posting on Barstool the comments were 98% negative, whereas the comments now are only 64% negative, so if that doesn’t prove how far we have come as a soccer-loving society then I don’t know what will.

Long story short, we – the few, the proud, the foot fairies of Barstool – legitimately started from the bottom now we here.

Where is here? I’m not exactly sure, but it is at least a few small steps above the bottom because the Powers That Be finally gave the green light for an official podcast (Sam’s Army – check it out sometime) and last week we teamed up with a small French club called PSG (and their NYC-based Supporters Group) to do a watch party / podcast crossover.

The event was a ton of fun. The group gets together at Legends in Manhattan for every game and literally sings, dances, bangs drums and just plain has a good old-fashioned time starting well before kickoff and continuing ‘til well after the final whistle. Soccer is watched, adult beverages are consumed, friends are made and on this afternoon (like most afternoons) PSG picked up three points – so all in all a successful little Sunday. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, but here’s a little video of the day:

Big thanks to PSG, as well as their fans and supporters club, and stay tuned to Sam’s Army because hopefully there will be plenty more jogo bonito fun (and content) to come.

In the meantime:

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Note: weekend preview blog will be dropping later today and also got some great interviews lined up for next week (and MERCH – as soon as I get the green light)!!

Samuel Army