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Magic Johnson Really Has No Idea How To Handle This Lakers Team Especially With This Luke Walton News

Oh, Magic is freaking out already? Color me shocked here. There was no doubt that Luke Walton would be rumored to be losing his job. But, I don’t think anyone had it this early. Here’s the thing. If the Lakers wanted to win in the short-term, why the hell did they make the signings they did? You have a weird roster and one that, yeah, should be in the playoffs and win a series or two, but they aren’t competing with the Warriors right now. Plus we’re just 8 games in. Are we really freaking out over a 3-5 start? That just seems dumb, but Magic Johnson also loves to tamper, so who knows what’s going on here. The Lakers are still trying to figure out their best lineup and rotation, especially since Rondo and Ingram missed games due to suspension. Just another day in Los Angeles.