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Tyler Seguin Thinks Connor McDavid Needs To Marry A Big Time Celebrity And I'm All In

The league is showing more personality this year than it has in years past, but like Tyler Seguin mentions, they are still a ways off from the other leagues in terms of popularity. Seguin points out the things that PK Subban does for the game and Auston Matthews as well. Seguin also jokingly says he’d like Connor McDavid to marry a big time super star celebrity and I’m not going to lie I think that’s a great idea.

NBA stars date and marry celebrities all the time, thus getting more publicty for themselves. I mean, more people in America know who Tristan Thompson is than Connor McDavid or Sidney Crosby. That is pretty sad. We are talking a once in a generation talent in Connor McDavid, who has 671k followers on Instagram and we are talking a bench player on a good team in Tristan Thompson.

I hate that part of the NBA. All the gossip and drama and who is dating a Kardashian this week. But, it clearly works to help grow the names of people in the game to people who wouldn’t normally watch hockey.

So maybe McDavid shouldn’t go down the Kardashian road. But you’re telling me if he doesn’t start dating Selena Gomez it wouldn’t make him 10x bigger? It absolutely would. If McDavid and Bieber started publicly shit talking each other and maybe even got in a shoving match at the Grammys or something that would be huge. People would tune into Oilers games every night just for the sole fact he is a giant celebrity.

What about if McDavid is the next Taylor Swift victim and then has a whole album written about him when they break up? Taylor Swift is fucking huge. People kiss the ground she walks on. You can’t sit here and try to say that wouldn’t make McDavid a bigger household name.

Or what if McDavid was pictured with Paulina Gretzky the next time her and Dustin Johnson decide to take a break. People would go bananas. The possibilities are endless here.

Look, like I said before, I hate the gossip and drama involving the NBA. I mean, we saw Wayne Gretzky do it with actress Janet Jones and that worked out pretty good for himself and the NHL. So I’m all in on McDavid wifeing up a big time celebrity.