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Is There A More Disrespectful Move On The Court Than What Russell Westbrook Did Last Night?

I know this isn’t Russell’s move, this is the God Shammgod crossover. But, it’s a beaut (hockey term I’ve been told). The real question is how many moves are more disrespectful than this? Especially when you factor in everything that Russ did here. This was to essentially seal the game. He pulled it off against Cody Zeller, a big, who had absolutely zero chance of staying in front of Russ here. Just flat out disrespectful. But, it has me thinking. What other plays that weren’t dunks stand out as disrespectful. It’s a term that is used on the court and the first one I can think of comes from my all-time favorite player.

And now here’s your Shammgod crossover highlights: