Get The Tissues Ready As Texas Basketball Star Andrew Jones Speaks For The First Time Since Beating Leukemia

Yeah, the video is 28 minutes long, but I’ll tell you what. It’s worth it. This is a dude that everyone should listen to. Not many big time college athletes, let alone kids in college have to battle leukemia and Andrew Jones did it publicly. I’ve blogged about his journey a lot because of that and because fuck cancer. Anyone who beats it is the easiest person in the world to root for.

I mean, look at this quote and tell me you’re not cheering for this kid to win NPOY, even if you’re an Oklahoma, TCU or Texas A&M fan.

“The disease cancer has always been my biggest fear. I really had to face my fears. I’ll be optimistic. It’s not my time yet. (in reference to dying)”

That’s some heavy shit, no matter who you are. Now, we’re hoping Jones can get back on the court after suffering a toe injury. Jones played just 10 games for Texas last year before being diagnosed with the disease. During that time he scored over 13 points per game and shot 46% from three. As a freshman he averaged over 11 points per game.

So get the tissues ready. You’ll tear up a bit watching Jones talk about his journey, but I highly suggest watching it. It’s an awesome thing to see. As always, fuck cancer. Here’s to hoping Andrew Jones is on the court soon and tearing it up.