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I Need A Lip Reader To Tell Me Immediately What Draymond Said To Anthony Davis Last Night

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 9.52.29 AM

Look, you may see that video and think to yourself there is nothing suspicious going on here. Just two guys talking during a stoppage of play. I say wake the fuck up. Things are NEVER what they seem when it comes to the NBA and player recruiting. It’s a ruthless world out there and with the AD to the Warriors rumors refusing to die even though I’m pretty sure salary wise it’s virtually impossible, you bet your ass my spidey senses were firing on all cylinders when I saw these two chatting it up. That smile by AD would shoot fear down my spine as a Pelicans fan. They already have enough stress having to deal with these AD rumors essentially every year, this is not what I would want to see.

And trust me, I know what recruiting looks like. I happen to follow a team that has been on the recruiting trail for some time now


So don’t tell me I’m not seeing recruiting here with Draymond. I know it when I see it. That’s why I need someone who can read lips to tell me exactly what was said. I need to know so I can tell Danny and the Celtics can change their strategy if needed. While NBA teams can’t be fined for player tampering, at the same time we can make an exception for the Warriors in my opinion depending on what Draymond said. He may have thought nobody was going to notice, but he thought wrong. I’m here ready and waiting for this exact thing and I am not afraid to alert the authorities when I see something fishy

If you thought the NBA was ruined when Durant joined GS, just imagine a world where they also have Anthony Davis. Fuck that. So in order to prevent that we need everyone on high alert at all times whenever these two teams play, because it looks like Kerr has his soldiers already out on the recruiting trail. We can’t have that.