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Today In Brian Urlacher's Opinions That No One Asked For - He Hates Cutler And Loves Briggs






I’ve said this before but apparently it needs repeating because it keeps coming up. What the fuck is Brian Urlacher doing? Why does he insist on doing this every few months? It makes no sense. We get it, you’re a Lovie guy, you love Briggs, you hate Cutler, enough. And at this point you can’t even make the case that Urlacher is just an analyst doing his job. Saying “Jay Cutler isn’t a nice person” isn’t doing your job as a FOOTBALL analyst. It’s just being a petty ex girlfriend that constantly wants to take digs at the guys still playing. It’s baffling. No one wants to remember 54 this way. He’s one of the greatest Bears in the history of the franchise, just let it go Brian. The team changed. The GM changed, the coach changed, the keys were handed to the offense, and you got old, just let it go, all this does is make you look bad.






Briggs just did an interview where he had to explain a sanctioned day off for about 10 minutes. Awesome that the season has started being about this shit and not the actual team and Sunday against the Bills.