Marty Mush Wednesday Gambling Slate

After last nights easy wins, it brings my YTD record to 25-18. A lot of people as for units, ill just tell you how much I’m betting on the game because units is just to many numbers.


Pistons @ Nets -3

I could not be more confused about this game. I get that the Pistons are coming off two tough losses but the Nets are also on a three game skid. I sat here and tried to out smart myself by thinking I should pick the Nets because it make me feel uncomfortable. Fuck it, Im sticking with my gut and I will watch Drummond have a double double.

Pick Pistons – ML

Jazz @ TimberWolves +6.5

The Wolves are in absolute shambles. Jimmy Butler is is sitting tonight out as he wait to be traded and that just won’t be a good scene. This Jazz team with Mitchell just clicks. They aren’t anything special but whenever I bet against them they fuck me.

Jazz -6.5


Ball State @ Toledo -18.5

MACtion is the best sporting event. This football is so bad that its enjoyable to watch. A little fun fact Toledo demolished Ball State on the road last year. This spread is outrageously big but you don’t hold back during MACtion. I also cant bet against a team called the Torpedos.