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Matt Patricia Tears Into a Reporter for Having Bad Posture

SourceDetroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia was answering questions Wednesday, one day after his team surprised by trading leading receiver Golden Tate to the Philadelphia Eagles for a draft pick.

But his news conference took an odd turn, when he snapped at a reporter for their posture while they were asking Patricia a question. …

Reporter: “Why do you think this move makes your franchise better?”

Patricia: “Ah, well, you know. Do me a favor just kinda sit up, just like, have a little respect for the process. Every day you come and ask me questions and you’re just kinda like you know, ‘gimme this.’ “

Reporter: “I’m sitting …”

Patricia: “I’m asking just to be a little respectful in this whole process.”

Reporter: “Okay, that’s fine.”

Patricia: “So ask me a question professionally and I’ll answer it for you.”

I love it. The Lions might be 3-4 and maybe they’re coming off a loss to Seattle at home, but nevertheless, Matt Patricia is feeling it! It might be OK that the Detroit media has been smelling his blood in the water before training camp even began, bitched on behalf of Lions players that Patricia made them run too much and after they got crushed by the Jets in Week 1 said the players were starting a mutiny. But by God, you sit up straight with all six legs – the chair’s four and your two – firmly on the ground when you’re in front of him, Quasimodo. You sit there with good posture the way Matt Patricia does when he’s talking to you:



It’s only common courtesy.

No wonder Patricia is having such a hard time. This loser attitude in Detroit is systemic. It’s part of the culture. It runs through ownership to the coaches, down through the players and spreads all the way out to the reporters. As Patton said when he first took command in North Africa, “They don’t dress like soldiers. They don’t act like soldiers. How do you expect them to fight like them?”

Or as an even greater authority on the subject of good posture and professional body language put it, “Head up. Shoulders back. Posture!

Poise counts. Don’t try that amateur dogshit in Detroit again, mister. Not on Matt Patricia’s watch.