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Two 'Bored' Teachers Made Little Kids Fight Each Other & TBH I Hope They Go To Hell

Since it’s Halloween why not highlight some people who might be going to Hell? The Adventure Learning Center in Missouri is in the spotlight for having teachers who made it more of a Nightmare Fight-Club Center (good one, Kate).

From CBS News:

A disturbing video taken at a St. Louis daycare shows toddlers punching each other in a ring as the adults in the room encourage the violent fighting. The December 2016 incident is being described as a “daycare fight club” and the mother who obtained the video is now suing the school.

Nicole Merseal says one of her her sons, who was 10 years old at the time, filmed the fighting with his iPad, KTVI reports. Her son was worried about his little brother, who was in the next room being beaten up by his classmates. He began filming the bizarre fighting and sent the video to Merseal.

The video shows a child wearing hulk fists and punching another boy in the head as a teacher jumps up and down in excitement. Another teacher is also present in the video, and is seen putting the toy fists on a child and teeing him up for a fight.

The only person seen trying to stop the fighting is another preschooler. A toddler gets knocked to the ground and repeatedly punched in the head by a classmate. Merseal said her son, who turned four that day, was crying in the video.

The line that killed me inside a little… “The only person seen trying to stop the fighting is another preschooler.”

Unreal. Fair warning, the video below is upsetting to watch because 1) your heart breaks for the kids & their parents and 2) it’s so beyond disappointing to know there’s disgusting adults like that out there.

The two teachers involved (who said they did it because “they were bored”) were fired but it’s little solace for the parents who say they still cry when they see the video. If I had to come up with a Hell for the teachers it would involve stepping on Legos for all eternity, the constant smell of that stuff janitors sprinkle on throw up, being the maximum amount of bored you could ever possibly be, & constant bonks to the head with large Hulk hands every time they’re about to try and eat.

The event took place last year but it’s just going to court now and I hope Merseal gets every penny she’s looking for. I find it hard to believe the center hasn’t been shut down or faced more of a consequence beyond increased state inspections. It was a kid who tried to stop the fight, another kid who recorded it and spoke up, and no reasonable adults to be seen anywhere keeping tabs on this awfulness…

The only possible silver lining besides families getting some justice in court is the possibility that Missouri will take a harder look at their policies on preventing this in the future.

Ugh, I’m all riled up now. Here’s some puppies.