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Fan Asks UFC Heavyweight Derrick Lewis What He Likes To Eat Before A Fight - SPOILERS: It's His Wife's Ass

GOD DAMN DERRICK LEWIS, if I may borrow a term from the Rocket on his big day, STAY HOT!

I don’t wanna jinx The Black Beast because of how much I like him, but I feel like Derrick Lewis has completely and totally solidified himself as a star in this past month to the degree where a loss on Saturday night doesn’t even damage him. A win obviously launches him into CRAZY superstardom, because you get the personality AND “Baddest Man on the Planet” title with a one-two combo there, that’s huge, but Cormier knocks this motherfucker out or takes him arm in a submission?

The Black Beast’s luster and appeal is still there!

It’s not like we love him in the Francis Ngannou way, because he’s just a ruthless, silent, savage assassin in the cage who will take any other man on the planet’s head off with an uppercut…we love him because he’s a very *entertaining* fighter in the cage with the ability to take any other man on the planet’s head off with an uppercut, who’s more-so a ruthless savage outside of the octagon, you know?

When I think of Derrick Lewis, “Where Ronda Rousey’s fine ass at?!” and “My balls was hot.” come to mind before ANYTHING he’s EVER done in a fight, and that’s not a knock on his fighting ability whatsoever. Just a point to drive home the overall narrative of this blog, that in Derrick Lewis this month…

A Star Was Born.

(What an ending to that blog, wow. How topical. Brad Coops and Lady Gaga. Proud of that one.)