This Dude Sampling Soups With The Ladle At A Salad Bar Deserves To Be Thrown In Prison

Fucking gross dude. G-R-O-S-S. How does even think that’s remotely okay? The casual nature of it made me the most sick. You can tell that dude has been testing soups at the salad bar for years and probably decades. HOW did the person taking that video not shame that dude? We’re living in a society! That type of behavior needs to be met with fast and swift punishment. Shame him. Boo him. Hit the ladle out of his hand. Punch him maybe. Don’t just be an innocent bystander. Innocent bystanders are exactly the people who enabled this guy’s behavior for so long. A long line of quiet bystanders are why that guy is brave enough to stand at a salad bar and sample soups with the ladle. Do something!

There is no punishment that is too severe for that guy. I say we lock him up and throw away the key. We make an example outta him so no one else even dares to do this again. He’s not even homeless! I could sorta understand a homeless dude sneaking into a salad bar and trying to sip on some soup. But a guy with a job and an income and shoes?? That makes it sooooooooooo much worse. Again, we’re living in a society. At the very least he needs to go through some sort of court-ordered program that teaches him how to exist in the world. Unbelievable.