I Think Someone Hacked The YES Network Twitter Account

Uh….what the hell is this shit? This has to be satire right? Well, if you click on the blog it’s real. I know today there was controversy about who has been tweeting out the Barstool Sports blogs off the main account (yes, I do other things than just blog), but this makes me think the normal YES Network guy is gone for the offseason. I mean we’re talking about signing 33 year old David Price if he opts out of his deal? That’s what we’re talking about on October 30th?

Let’s clear something out of the way first and foremost. David Price is not opting out. That man has 4 years and $127 million left on his deal. Sure, he was great in the World Series. Not good, he was great. But you’re not getting $30 mill a year at the age of 33 for those years and that dollar amount. It’s just not happening. If he were to opt out, he’d be looking for that number and the Yankees are not about to pay DAVID PRICE that money. His numbers in Yankee Stadium are terrible, every fan would hate the deal, and the media would eat him alive. Why am I even talking about this? What are we doing YES? Get it together. It’s going to be a long winter, we’ve got to keep our composure.

So yes, I think the YES Network twitter got hacked. Was it Carrabis? Was it Cora? Maybe. But this cannot be a rational thought people are considering in today’s Yankee universe. The only 30+ year old pitcher I want is Max Scherzer. Everyone else can kick rocks, including Kershaw.