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If You Try To Talk Shit To John Collins You Better Be Prepared For Him To Call You Fat

Look at John Collins out here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m ALL FOR athletes/celebs roast people for trying to talk shit to them. I have zero problem with it. They have to go through life just hearing the worst of the worst stuff from people who wouldn’t dare to say anything face to face. So John Collins turning around and roasting the guy for being portly and eating some sort of pasta/Ramen combo is something that I can appreciate. Listen, I’m all for both sides too. You have the right to talk shit. But, you better be prepared for something back your way. Now why you would try to talk shit to a guy who is a pretty good player and injured is something I’m not quite sure of. Maybe he was an NC State fan and not thrilled that Collins went to Wake Forest. Either way just be prepared for John Collins to call you fat if you’re sitting by the bench and try to roast him.