#BillsMafia, make sure your dildos are locked and loaded for Sunday because PETERMANIA IS BACK BABY!!! I will admit that I have been cursing the Football Gods for running train on my Giants for the last year or so because with the Browns jettisoning Hue Jackson, it seemed like we were going to be the lone laughingstock in the NFL. But I clearly forgot that the Bills are still a franchise and Nathan Peterman is on the payroll. Now Peterman will have to go up against a Bears defense that may get Khalil Mack back in his triumphant return to Buffalo? You think players get up for Revenge Games, wait til you see Khalil Mack in a Return Game (to where he played in college). On the bright side for Bills fans, that could mean the end of Nathan Peterman’s career/life, but lets not get morbid here.

Anyway with that being said, I am officially putting the Bears defense in as my Buy Of The Week in all FanDuel entries. If you are in full season leagues, try to trade for the Bears D and hope their owner hasn’t heard this wonderful news. I can’t wait until the Red Zone Channel sends us to Buffalo 3+ times to see Peterman’s next Pick Six. Shout out to Sean McDermott for having the weirdest crush possible on the worst quarterback any of us will ever see. He can’t quit Nate Peterman and I can’t quit Nate Peterman interceptions. Because for all the division that is present in our country in 2018, it is beautiful for all of us to laugh at Nate Peterman’s interceptions together. Peterman is truly America’s unifier*.

*Except for Bills fans. I feel terrible for those beautiful souls

UPDATE: It is cruel that the Bills added WR before Pryor’s name to make it clear which position he will be playing in Buffalo