Jaguars Trade Former #3 Overall Pick Dante Fowler To The Undefeated Rams


The Jaguars have built a good defense. I still think the defense is good. The Jaguars have undeniably failed at drafting in the top 5 since Dave Caldwell took over. More so than that, they have failed in the top 2 rounds.

Let’s take a look at the picks Caldwell has made in the top 5.

1. Luke Joeckel. Luke was so bad that he was moved to guard, went to Seattle and is now out of the league. A top 2 pick offensive lineman out of the league in less than 6 years.

2. Blake Bortles. Not gonna say anything because I’m friends with Big Cat.

3. Dante Fowler. Traded. Wasnt offered a contract extension and was never a starter.

4. Jalen Ramsey. Good! He’s an All Pro.

5. Leonard Fournette. Injured all the time and has a 3.7 yards per carry since entering the NFL.


If it wasnt for free agency and later draft picks like Telvin Smith, the Jaguars wouldnt have the talent they do. Right now, it looks like 4 out of 5 picks in the top 5 werent good. That’s tough to do.

Horrible. God Save Our Jags