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Packers Trade Ha-Ha Clinton Dix To Washington Because Having a Secondary Is Overrated I Guess?

Well, that sucks. Imagine having Aaron Rodgers on your team and selling? I understand the Ty Montgomery trade. He threw a temper tantrum on the sideline on Sunday after seeing his role get completely reduced and then went rogue against the team’s plan for the final kickoff. Aaron Jones needs 15-20 carries a game and this will hopefully lead to that. But trading veteran safety Haha Clinton-Dix to the Redskins is just infuriating. Dix wanted a contract extension in the offseason, as he entered a contact year in 2018, and he didn’t get one. A few weeks ago he told reporters that the next few weeks were a giant job interview and he was right.

Right now, I’m playing each and every game like it’s my last. I don’t think I’m going to be here next year,” Clinton-Dix said. “That’s how I look at it. I just [have to] be honest with myself. You’ve got to play it game-by-game. Whether we’re losing by 60 points, you’ve got to go out there and perform. This is my biggest interview of my career. So I’ve got to perform, regardless of what the record says.” -Pro Football Talk

The Packers have a recent history of not paying departing safeties (Micah Hyde, Morgan Burnett) and Clinton-Dix just continues that pattern. You would think a team that usually struggles at the secondary level would maybe want to retain one of their better defensive backs, but nope. It’s a fourth rounder for Haha, their 2014 1st round pick, who absolutely made an impact with this team in his years in Green Bay. I get that he wasn’t going to resign and getting a 4th for someone that was definitely leaving is nice, but Jesus Christ how about one time they sign one of these guys back? Dix is regarded as one of the best young safeties in the league and you just let him walk? Then you see Dante Fowler Jr. go to LA for a 3rd and 7th and the Packers sit back and let that happen? One time can these guys be aggressive and try to improve this defense that always holds Rodgers back from actually contending. Not great, I know they have some depth finally, but they don’t have Haha’s talent. Finally they’ve built themselves a decent defense that limited that Rams offense on Sunday for the first time all year, and then you just give up on Dix. Goddamit, they clearly trust newcomer Josh Jones from NC State at the position (or they’re moving Josh Jackson over to safety), but this is a stupid move in my opinion. Just pay the guy. Packers going to Packers.

I wanted Haha out of Alabama and was so fucking happy when they drafted him. I’ll miss him.