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DJ Durkin Reinstated As Head Coach Of Maryland


Remember DJ Durkin? It’s okay if you forgot about him because I kinda did too. The investigation into Jordan McNair’s death started in August and due to the length of it, the fair assumption was DJ Durkin was never coming back. That’s not the case:

“Highest priority……” what? I don’t know what’s on the list of priority for the board of regents, but reinstating DJ Durkin being at the top of the list does not seem to be the best ranking.

“The board of regents insisted that DJ return, and this has been their highest priority. Some regents appeared to be obsessed with it. … and the clear message was that if [president Wallace] Loh was not willing to bring DJ back right away, they would fire [Loh].”

“Some regents appeared to be obsessed with it.” When did DJ Durkin become Nick Saban? Did I miss something with this coach who has a 10-15 record with his crowning achievement being a trip to the Quick Lane Bowl?

The weird part is that Maryland started their season 5-3 with Matt Canada as their head coach. What’s the point in bringing Durkin back? Yes, you’d lose a good recruiter. Yes, you’d have to most likely pay him a hefty buyout, but you have a guy in place and it seemed to be the right decision to end the DJ Durkin era. The president of Maryland seemed to understand that, the board of regents didn’t:

From start to finish this investigation was handled poorly.

Maryland players may be happy that Durkin is back. They may be mad. Who knows. But they better be keep an eye out for those vomit filled trash cans:

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