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Kid Being Intentionally Walked Socks Home Run But Still Has To Live With The Worst Parents On Earth

First of all, sweet strike on an intentional walk. Poor pitcher easily caused some overly competitive Dad on his side to burst a capillary with that move. It’s a simple pitch and catch, man. Get it out of Danny Almonte’s 6’0 reach and move on to the next batter.

Secondly it doesn’t matter home many dingers this supposed 12-year-old swats in his Little League career. Guy could be the cream of the crop crushing Big League Chew on the field and middle school sleepovers off. When you have parents like that it’s going to be difficult to grow up and escape the tool shed. How do you know their kid is the greatest thing in the entire universe? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. Don’t even get me started on the poor batting etiquette. You don’t talk in someone’s backswing on the golf course and you sure as shit don’t do it on the baseball diamond*. No doubt in my mind whenever he K’s he turns around and tells his parents to shut the fuck up before throwing his helmet. With parents like that there’s no way he’s not spoiled as shit.

*Played slow-pitch softball against a guy who, from the bench, will yell out while his team was batting if a pitch is good enough to swing at or not mid-air. If that dude was on my squad there’s a solid chance he’s sitting on a standing bat by the 2nd inning. Infuriating.