What's Better Than Sex In The Military? The Lord. A Few Other Things Too

When you’re in the military, many of the days are long and most of the tasks are menial. You go through weeks and week where you feel like you aren’t really getting anything done. Every day feels like groundhog day. I asked twitter what was better than sex in the military. Here are some of my favorite answers.

This one is fucking awesome.

Mid Rats in general were the shit.

Anyway, we talk about that kind stuff, what the caravan means, and just basically bullshit for a little while.

Tuesdays episodes of Zero Blog Thirty are becoming some of my favorite time of the week. It really feels like we are back in a platoon room except for the fact that Connor is there and I’d never let officers hang out in the platoon room. He’s alright though. He’s like an honorary Lance Corporal at this point.