Casino Lights and Sounds "May" Cause Bad Decisions

Is this a joke? They needed to do a study on rats and then people to find out that the flashing lights and vibration causes bad gambling decisions? Even I could have conducted this study and gave a presentation to the world.

Let me paint a picture for you. You walk into a place full of lights, money to be made and when you win, the machine starts to vibrate and make crazy noises. Just typing that sentence has me itching to get into the casino. Another thing they did not touch upon, if you go into a casino your plan is to make bad decisions. It isn’t the lights that make you do it, its just called being a degenerate.

I’m still very confused on why they tested a rat. I feel like if a rat sees any type of light, that thing is going to glow up and love every second of it. A rat is kind of just like a degenerate. They eat whatever they can get their hands on, people really don’t enjoy their presence and they are always in places they aren’t supposed to be. Come to think of it I was in a band called Marty and the Rat bags. I was doomed from the beginning.

All in all, save the study for something more serious. We all know the answer to this study before you even did it. Leave the degenerate rats alone.