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Hi. My Name Is Jordie And I Am Addicted To Watching Marc Savard Tape Twigs

Alright so listen. This is the internet. And on the internet, we all do some pretty weird shit. I can guarantee that there’s nobody in the world who would feel comfortable if their internet browsing history got out to everybody. There’s a reason why the incognito browsing mode was invented. So people do some weird shit on the internet that they hide from the world because they feel a sense of shame regarding it. However, I’m not going to hide from this anymore. I’m going to put this out there in the open for everybody to hear it.

My name is Jordie and I am addicted to watching Marc Savard tape twigs on YouTube. Goddamn does that feel good to get off my chest.

Now I’m sure there are plenty of you right now who have been watching Tapin’ Twigs with Savvy for months now. The first tee jay video he put out was 9 months ago. So this isn’t exactly a new channel. But in case there are some hockey fans out there who haven’t come across Marc Savard’s YouTube channel yet, I figured it is my duty as a well respected journalist in the biz to bring it to your attention. You can lose hours of your day just letting the videos roll one after the other. They are so soothing. So satisfying to watch. I guess it’s similar to ASMR except it’s a thousand times better because instead of some caked up YouTube girl whispering into a computer, you’ve got Savvy keepin’ it tight and ripping some high quality tape jobs. You also get some great insight into what techniques different guys use, why they use it, and how the tape job impacts their game.

A tape job is something that is unique and personal to every hockey player.The twig is the most important piece of equipment in the game and how you tape that twig says a lot about the player you are. There’s nothing worse than seeing some bum out there on the ice with a stick that clearly hasn’t been re-taped in months. Or just some slob who barely tapes a knob, has some gaps in between the wraps, and then basically tapes his blade with some scotch tape. Those people are gross and should never be allowed back on the ice again. But when you take good care of your stick, the stick will take good care of you. So it’s great to watch Marc Savard really breakdown each player’s tape job and replicate it to perfection.

And oh yeah–fuck Matt Cooke. That scumbag piece of trash.