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John Mayer Calls Out Page Six On His Instagram Live Telling Them To "Update Your Inner Wikipedia On Your Boy"

Another Sunday goes by as I start my week refreshed after John Mayer’s Instagram live. I stayed up until 2:00 AM for this one and it was worth it. I don’t feel tired, I feel ready to start my week. I wrote about this last week saying he has the best Instagram live show on Sunday nights. Actually, the best late night show going right now.  This one got interesting very quickly as he introduced a new segment “Can I Talk To You Over Here For A Minute” addressing Page Six. They wrote an article last week talking about John Mayer with the headline “John Mayer says he’s slept with ‘sub-500′ women”. John was not pleased with the article that Page Six wrote, saying they bring back all this stuff that makes him feel bad and has made him feel bad for years. He also says “update your inner wikipedia on your boy” and to come to 2018. John basically told them to get out of here with their bullshit (in nicer words than that) but also told them to come back and join the party anytime! He is welcoming anyone to enjoy his Instagram live show, even the haters, because he knows how good it is.

Hey John, I just want you to know that someone wrote a very nice blog about your show last week that I think you might like better than the Page Six article. Just saying.

John calling out Page Six wasn’t the only thing to happen on this Instagram live though. He also had his friend & musician, Thundercat, come on the show.They played music together as they closed out the show paying tribute to Mac Miller and jamming to the most soothing, funky, and beautiful sound your ears will hear today. Please listen and enjoy to start off your Monday