Chase Utley Isn't Even On The Dodgers World Series Roster, So Naturally He's Still Fielding Grounders And Taking BP In Preparation For The Game

Heart. Hustle. Utley. How do you prepare for a game where there’s legitimately zero chance you’ll play? Take grounders and hacks like you’re going to be starting at 2B and batting third like it’s a decade ago. There’s no off button for glory. And Chase has always had him some Glory Hole. Hell, if he still wants to take the field I’d still take him on my team next year. The Man has already played till his AARP years, might as well keep going till he’s dead. And even then I bet his corpse would give more effort than 50% of the living in The Show.

Even though he’s not on the roster, this could very well be the last time Chase Utley suits up before a game. What a ride for The Man. Never forget: