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A Fed Up Dad Unleashed One Of The Most Satisfying Knockouts You Will Ever See On Some Guy That Allegedly Drunkenly Pissed On His Garden

There are certain things that are extra satisfying in life. A fresh-cut lawn, a hot shower after a long day, and some dude getting one-punched after poking a dad in front of his wife and kids for far too long before he slowly boils over. All that dad wanted to do was defuse the situation in his funny little accent, get his gate fixed, and stop his kids from crying before taking them to footy practice. However, Shirtless Guy had other plans when he saw some dad with a purple shirt on (hence the removal of the shirt at the beginning of the video) and all he got for it was exactly one right hook from hell with a metric ton of dad strength followed by one of the greatest C-word drops in the history of the world.

I hope that family’s flat has enough room for another kid, because I was ready to jump the dad’s bones for the way he valiantly defended his family’s and garden’s honor. I can’t imagine how his wife felt. I mean I literally have no idea how she felt because that “OoOooOh” sound she made as that bloke hit the ground was unlike anything I ever heard. But this was a good lesson to people out there: Never mess with a grown man’s petunias, especially if he also has the daily stress of raising kids in his life.

I can already tell that this will be another boring weekend for me doing dad things in suburbia. But whenever I get frustrated about another weekend watching cartoons and changing diapers, I will think about how Coach represented dads around the world flawlessly by going from peaceful Liam Neeson to wartime Liam Neeson in a millisecond. Catching a body like that was true Father of the Year stuff. Hopefully those were dog tags hanging around shirtless guy’s neck so the morgue will be able to identify the corpse when it arrives.