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This Video Does Not Prove That Diddy Is Afraid Of Clowns

Yes I know that video quality sucks and people are gonna say it was shot with a potato LOL but it’s the shortest video I could find of that clip. All the others were like 18 minutes long and I didn’t wanna scan through the whole thing just to find Diddy shitting his pants. Anyway. As people know I’m firmly on Team Not Afraid Of Clowns. I’ve blogged before about how I think people saying they’re scared of clowns is en vogue and they just say it to fit in with everybody else who says it. So-called clown fear perpetuates itself even when it’s not true. Being scared of clowns has become the cool thing to say whenever clowns are brought up in casual conversation but it’s improbable and impossible that 99% of the human population is afraid of clowns. This many people simply cannot be scared of clowns.

So with all that said, I appreciate rapper/producer/businessman/entrepreneur/mogul/near-billionaire Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs for not being a member of the herd and proudly saying he’s not afraid of clowns. We bravely stand side by side on this matter. I still believe him despite his reaction on Ellen. That video isn’t fair. Why? Because anything could’ve popped outta that box and Diddy would’ve shit his pants. Literally anything. Diddy’s mom could’ve popped outta there and he would’ve screamed and ran away. A naked Cassie could’ve popped outta there begging for him back and he would’ve reacted the same way. It’s human nature to freak the fuck out when something 6 inches from you pops out and attacks. That video proves nothing except that Diddy is a human being.