Great News: Brian Boyle Wins The Fight Of The Year, Says His Cancer Is In Remission

Fuckin’ right. Last September, Brian Boyle was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. Even after the diagnosis, Boyle still ended up playing in 74 games last season between the regular season and the playoffs. The guy only missed 13 regular season games. He’s a tough son of a bitch and a handsome son of a bitch at that. So he wasn’t going to let a little cancer prevent him from doing the things that he loves in life. And after a full year of kicking the shit out of cancer day in and day out, apparently the cancer has had enough and is now in remission. Just over 13 months since the original diagnosis, the cancer is in full molecular remission.

Now this is typically the case with those who are tasked with fighting cancer, but the positive attitude that Boyle seemed to have throughout this entire process was beyond inspiring. There was never a time when Brian Boyle ever seemed to feel sorry for himself or wanted others to feel sorry for him. Since the beginning, all he’s talked about was how he wasn’t going to let this disease alter his life and that he was going to treat his battle as an opportunity. And throughout that battle, he scored 13 goals and 23 points last season, represented the Devils at the All Star Game, and won the 2018 Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy for his perseverance and dedication to hockey.

And I’m sure that the most important part of Brian Boyle’s fight with cancer is how inspirational it can be to others who have to go through the same thing. You saw the attitude and the strength that Brian Boyle attacked this disease with, and today? Well today he is cancer free. I feel like this is a cliche thing to say, but this couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Cancer dropped the mitts with the wrong freakishly chiseled, freakishly handsome, freakishly strong son of a bitch. And when you drop the gloves with the wrong dude, you end up having to pick some chiclets off the ice. Sucks to suck, cancer.