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It Appears That Kansas Played With An Ineligible Player All Of Last Year And May Have To Vacate A Final Four

I mean this is not a surprise, right? Silvio De Sousa was the subject a handful of times during the first trial into college basketball. It’s alleged that Maryland/Under Armour paid his guardian for his commitment and then Adidas/Kansas got involved. It’s at the point where everyone knows him/his family received some sort of compensation.

But, here’s what we don’t know. Will the NCAA vacate last year? I mean they have to, right? Look at past rulings. We’ve seen the NCAA strip Louisville of a title. We’ve seen the NCAA strip Memphis of a trip to the finals. We’ve seen the NCAA strip Louisville of a Final Four, UMass of a Final Four, Michigan of a title game and a Final Four. It’s all over the place.

If Kansas is essentially admitting guilt here, saying there’s clearly something going on so we’re keeping De Sousa out, the NCAA should probably just go ahead and rip down the banner – as dumb of a thing as it is. But, you can tell Kansas doesn’t want to fuck around with this year. The Jayhawks are a favorite to win the national championship. They don’t want to mess that up when 5 years from now the NCAA decides to make a ruling.