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PHILLY PSA: WaWa Turns 50 Tomorrow And Is Giving Away Free Coffee



(click to enlarge and see the glorious history of WaWa)

The store that gives so much and asks for so little in return. Time to cash in on your liquid crack. Sure, it’s only $1.79 you’ll be saving anyways, but that’s the genius of it. Go in for your free morning coffee and there’s no way you’re leaving without multiple goodies. Impossible to be waiting at the counter and not get a breakfast sandwich. Once that Bacon Egg & Cheese on a bagel box is staring into your soul it’s checkmate, diabetes. And that’s he way it should be.

The 5 Greatest Things About WaWa:


5) To-Go Meals/Breakfast Sandwiches

Not the best sandwiches, wraps and salads in the land, but dammit if they aren’t good enough. Pick up a Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit or Spicy Turkey Wrap and call it a meal. Who cares if it’s coming out within an hour anyways. Dropping heat while on the clock is as an encouraged and as American as it gets.

4) Coffee

Cheap, convenient and quick. Walk in to get your fix and you’re out within 45 seconds if you know what you’re doing. Sadly there are a lot of people who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. Hit up a WaWa for coffee during morning rush hour and you will see at least a dozen lost puppies who might as well be in a foreign country during wartime. Not that hard to decide on a cream, people. Pick it up.

3) Free ATM

BY FAR the most underrated aspect of WaWa. It’s outrageous what certain banks or bars charge to access your own money. If you’re a warm blooded male and spend your fair share of time in strip clubs and casinos like you should, you know the fees are borderline sexual assault. Best stop by a WaWa first to get out the cash you’re regrettably spend later anyways.

And it’s 2014. Call it an ATM. I know it’s an old school local thing but if you need to go “Tap MAC” that’s probably the only good thing you’ve tapped in decades. Or you’re from Delco. Similar fates.

2) Hoagies

The staple of WaWa. Have eaten more Shorti’s in my lifetime than home cooked meals, and I know I’m not alone in that boat. The quality has dipped over the past half decade or so, but the hoagies are still above average. Never were on Primo’s level but still toasts the nuts off of any Subway or convenience store sandwich known to man. Plus Hoagiefest songs are better than 90% of the happy crap out on the airwaves today. Jams ahoy.

1) The Actual Convenience

Everything it tailored to get you what you need and get you the fuck out. Gas, food, drink, money, condoms, toiletries, freedom. Immaculate place even offers free air for your tires. Like a mini-Walmart but efficient and not filled with people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote and/or breed. Plus if you live within 50 miles of Philadelphia there is a WaWa literally on every corner. A spot that has almost everything you need and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one. Gotta love it.

PS – #FuckSheetz