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Don't Tease Us Like This Kobe

Kobe Byrant you sly sonofabitch. Do you know how quickly he was ready to go on TV the second LeBron missed those FTs and then the game winner ultimately choking away a very winnable game at home against a depleted Spurs team? I’m pretty sure he was on the phone with Jimmy Kimmel’s booker before that missed fadeaway hit the floor after not even coming close and bouncing off the rim. If there’s one thing we know about Kobe, and his stans, it’s that they are petty as shit. So you’re telling me it’s a coincidence that right after that game Kobe shows up and “jokes” about coming back if the Lakers start 0-5? Well guess what, if they don’t win tonight in PHX, they then play DEN/SA/MIN, so 0-5 could definitely be in play.

Can you imagine if this happened? Kobe just decides to call in a favor, gets an end of bench role and is a player/coach this season? The combined explosions from both LeBron’s brain and Lakers fans that flip flopped their Kobe > LeBron takes would be INCREDIBLE. Also knowing that LeBron has 4 years on his deal and can’t go anywhere so he HAS to take it? Oh my lord would that be unbelievable. It’s fun to joke about but you know there is no way he would allow this to happen, even if Kobe was serious. I am positive he saw this show and immediately called Magic just to beg him not to get carried away and do something crazy.

We have LeBron already talking about how this is a “process” and he “knew what he got himself into”

well I do not think he mentally prepared for a Black Mamba return. Look at that smile from Kobe, it’s one of those smiles where he wants you to believe he’s kidding but we all know what a goddam psychopath he is and that if someone challenges him to do it, he 100% will.

Rooting against the Lakers is already part of my normal routine, but now I’m taking it up a notch that this team has even more chaos and dysfunction because I need a Kobe comeback and I need it in the worst way.