Most Hatable Hipster On The Planet Locks Himself In An "Earth Jar" To Raise Awareness For Global Warming

Source - A local science enthusiast is sealing himself inside a biodome of his own construction Tuesday at midnight to illustrate how Earth’s delicate atmospheric balance is increasingly threatened by human-made climate change.

Kurtis Baute, Vancouver’s self-proclaimed “whimsical scientist,” said that if all goes according to plan, he’ll safely spend three days living inside the isolated environment, with roughly 200 plants to keep him company and clean his air.

“Basically I’m trying to recreate a micro, nano, tiny version of Earth in a jar,” Baute said in an interview. “And to do that, I need to think a lot about, mostly, air.”






Look, at this point you have to be a fucking idiot to believe climate change isn’t real and isn’t on some level caused by humans. That’s not a political statement, that’s a scientific fact. How we should handle said climate change is up for debate- but this? This is not the answer. This is a ninth-grade Earth Science project.

The so-called biodome is a 10-foot-by-10-foot-by-10-foot wood frame with a sheet of heavy-duty plastic wrapped around it “like a gift” and then sealed tight with tape and silicone. That 1,000 cubic feet of space contains roughly 30,000 litres of air, which Baute estimates would normally sustain a human being for around three days.

“But, and that’s a big, crucial ‘but,’ the carbon dioxide levels would build up before that (time) to the point where it would probably be lethal,” he said.

“The most important thing,” he said, “if anyone has any take-aways, is that we need to be doing something about the environment.”

And there’s zero chance Kurt is willing to die for the cause. He’ll be breaking through those saran wrap walls the second he gets light headed. I’m not trying to shit on the guy, I just find it hard to believe that a grown man in a Limited Too galaxy sweatshirt who calls himself “The Whimsical Scientist” is about that life. Maybe I would’ve believed him if he called himself “The Green House Doctor” or a “Climate” “Change” “Activist.” You know, anything that doesn’t make him seem like a twelve-year-old loser whose best friend is his Tamagotchi. The bottom line is I’m not taking the  Whimsical Scientist seriously and you shouldn’t either.

If he does happen to get into trouble, there’s no need to worry, he’s got his pet cactus to help him through the night.

While Baute admitted to feeling “a little nervous” about the undertaking, he said his faithful sidekick Sir Stabbington — a cactus Baute rigged to receive water from a machine every time his YouTube channel receives a new subscriber — will be along for the ride. Cacti, Baute noted, release oxygen overnight.

“So at night, while all the other plants are competing with me for oxygen, he’s the only one who’s going to be helping me out,” he said with a laugh. “So I feel like my subscribers have my back.”

Thank God. I don’t know what the science community would do if they were to lose him.

I guess the reason this annoys me so much is because the people who represent causes are the reason why things never get done. They’re so fucking weird and extreme that no one listens to what they have to say. Kurtis Baute is a perfect example of that. No ones relating to this guy therefore his entire experiment is a big waste of time. Best of luck in the Jar, buddy.