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Office Mega-Millions Lottery Pool: Here's What We're Doing When We Win

It’s a huge night all around. The Red Sox & Dodgers are facing off at Fenway for Game 1 of the World Series & Carrabis, Feits, Coley, Dave & Co. are all up there for the 8:09pm ET game.

The rest of us are back at the office with our fingers crossed not only for the Sox but for a major lottery win. The Mega Millions drawing is also tonight and it’s up to a world record $1.6 BILLION. That drawing takes place at 11pm ET & once we win we’ve got big plans…

So far none of us have won, but sadly there’s already a loser in this situation. Sorry Clem!

Let us know what you’d do with the winnings (or just call me an idiot or something).