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Large Woman Recites The Greatest Jelly Bean Story Ever Told

Must have been a real long story to make it that concise without any details. Thank you Precious for sparing us the time and getting right to the point. Match this thing up with EDP and you’ve got the greatest love connection YouTube has ever produced. Bet he wouldn’t have any issues digging in there to find the goods. The man would go into the darkest depths of hell for some sweets, and venturing up this beast’s rectum to dig out Jelly Beans would fall somewhere between the 5th and 6th levels. 7th assuming she’s a Taco Bell breakfast connoisseur, which is a good assumption.

People still eat Jelly Beans? Seems like something only my grandmother puts out there during Easter that everyone politely ignores along with her health problems and the fact she calls her Korean mailman, “Chinaking”. Would rather eat a loaf of bread baked in a Sumo Wrestler’s Dutch Oven than a black, licorice Jelly Bean. Sick stuff. Only thing worse would be ingesting Candy Corn. Vile things should only be reserved for captured terrorists. Going through a waterboarding session or having your nuts endure electroshock theory is a cakewalk compared to eating those little shits every meal to survive.