It's Not A Scrimmage In College Basketball Without A Full On Brawl And Chairs Being Used As Weapons

Now this is a goddamn fight. I mean there’s really nothing missing here. We have it all. Players going at each other. Fans on the court. A goddamned chair being used. This is how you do it, Rondo/Paul. No missing with punches. No Ingram running in from 40 feet away. Just a big ole fight in the middle of the gym.

I mean this really has it all – but I think the real gold here is the commentary. I lost it with the ‘oh shit they are throwing chairs!’ Just so calm with chairs being whipped around in front of him. That’s some Morgan Freeman type narrating by this unknown man.

Do I care that this game was between Benedict and Voorhees, two non-DI teams in South Carolina? Absolutely not. It’s pure gold. Obviously I hope no one was injured and it’s unclear what exactly started this fight, but my God is it a brawl. I can appreciate the ref pulling a James Harden and just getting the fuck out of the way. You don’t want to get caught with a random chair to the dome. Just stay out of the way and keep your head on a swivel.