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If I Told You We're Sending Someone To Game 4 Of The World Series In LA For Free, Would That Be Something You Might Be Interested In?

We ran this contest for game 5 of the ALCS so someone will be at Fenway tonight thanks to FanDuel, but it’s worth noting that if I wasn’t dumb and had actually saved my lineup I would’ve been the winner.

Nevertheless, since it was such a huge hit last time we’re doing it again: set your lineup for tonight’s game (only 4,500 entires so I’d do it now) and if you win you get to go out to LA this weekend for free. You get hotel, airfare, and tickets to the game. Just for good measure we’re throwing in $2,500 cash and, of course, the real hook which is a free tshirt.

It’s game 4 so in all likelihood it’s going to be the game where the Sox who have a chance to close it out. Seeing a championship in LA with a chance to dance all over their grave? Doesn’t get better than that. Sign up now or you’re a fool.

Sign up here

PS – As an added bonus, if you show me your lineup tonight I will grade it and give you a free Budweiser. I mentioned I would’ve won the last contest so I’m pretty good at this. We’ll be at Landsdowne Pub doing Barstool Radio from 4-6 then Electric Chair for the game, so get your lineups in before then.