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Mo Harkless Just Had A Better Entrance To An NBA Game Than What Dame Lillard Pulled Off Tonight

No offense to Reags or Stone Cold Steve Austin, two of my favorite people on the planet. But Mo Harkless just won the Blazers costume contest by going as Tyrone Biggums. Don’t get me wrong, Dame’s Stone Cold costume was cool and he definitely had the Stone Cold swagger walk down pat. But the use of a mask as well as lack of Stone Colding beers or at least playing the iconic glass shatter and theme music was too much to ignore. Plus Harkless’ flawless recreation of the Biggums fiend itch is what sealed it. If I didn’t know better, I would say Harkless smoked rocks before he arrived to the arena.

UPDATE: Reags knows what’s up, which isn’t surprising since I think he has every basketball game on the planet broadcasting to his brain at all times.

The fiend itch was indeed perfect as well as the signature Biggums boogie. God I hope we get more halloween entrances over the next week instead of players arriving dressed like fashion industry dickheads.

Now lets watch some Tyron Biggums clips since they are 10000% more entertaining than this Monday Night Football bullshit.