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There Won't Be A Better Entrance To An NBA Game Than What Dame Lillard Pulled Off Tonight

Why are the Blazers dressing up for Halloween 9 days before Halloween? I have no goddamn clue nor do I care. Maybe they are just getting into the act on Monday Night Raw? I need Dame Lillard to dress up like this for every game. I mean every game we see some crazy outfit from guys like Russ and Harden and it draws a bunch of eyes. But, give me Dame Lillard as Stone Cold every day of the week. The Blazers adding in one the most recognizable WWF entrance songs ever is just perfect too. The only thing that would make this better? I need Dame to play the entire game in that mask. It’s just week 2 of the season, make some news doing that. Let him chug a couple beers together while we’re at it. All I know is this won’t get topped unless Rondo and Brandon Ingram pull off something from the fight.