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Amari Cooper Is Headed To Dallas

Stop the presses: Amari Cooper has been traded to the Cowboys… for a first round pick.

If that doesn’t reek of desperation, I don’t know what does. This is the definition of crying out for help. It’s a lot to give up for a guy that hasn’t been great in the better part of the last two seasons. On the flip side, the Raiders are god awful this year. They’re 1-5. Gruden’s obviously cleaning house and selling when the value is high. There’s a fire sale going on. Silver lining though Oakland fans? They now have three first round picks in 2019. THREE. Stacking them up. Gruden making moves (???).

You could say this is an absolute steal by Gruden. Highway robbery, perhaps. I mean the Patriots got Josh Gordon for a conditional fifth round! What is Jerry doing?!

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 3.29.49 PM

But here’s the thing: I don’t 100% hate it. Why? Jerry is actually doing something to make this team better. I mean, they have to do something. It may be a short term fix, but it’s a fix.

After the disastrous finish to the game yesterday (and how bad this season has been) I was ready to fire everybody. I mean everybody. (Yes, I know Jerry won’t fire himself. Find a new slant.) It’s no secret that they’ve DESPERATELY needed help at receiver all year. Dak needs help. He needs all the weapons he can get. This whole “Dak friendly” offensive isn’t working. It can’t hurt to bring in a two-time Pro-Bowler who has proven to have big time NFL talent – albeit a few years removed. He’s only 24 and has one-year left on his contract.

Long story, short: Before today, it seemed like the Cowboys were planning on doing a grand total of nothing to help this team. This says that maybe the stubbornness is breakable. A WR1 can absolutely help Dak and this team. The NFC East is garbage this year, so not all is lost… yet.

That or maybe Jerry just made another clown show of a move that sets the franchise back further. Amari Cooper can’t rush the passer, after all.

PS: Raider fans seem to be taking this well…

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 3.40.27 PM

Story developing. Stay tuned…