Marlon Wayans Is Being Sued Because He Said Some Guy Looks Like Cleveland On Twitter



(Source) Just how much legal trouble can one tweet cause? Marlon Wayans is finding out in a new lawsuit brought by an actor who says he was hired for the upcoming film Haunted House 2. Pierre Daniel filed the lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging he was subjected to repeated offensive language about his African-American race and fired upon complaint, and now he’s suffering from a loss of work. Besides the employment causes of action, Daniel is raising a tempest of legal claims over something that Wayans posted on Sept. 4, 2013. Here’s the tweet in question:





Daniel, represented by attorneys at Reisner & King, cites the tweet in building a case he’s been harassed, discriminated and retaliated against in his employment.




Hold the fuck on. I feel like I’m being punk’d for some new Scary Movie or something. This can’t be real right? I mean I don’t want to get sued as well but umm dude, have you looked in the mirror recently? You look exactly like Cleveland. Like if you told me Seth MacFarlane came up with the Cleveland character after seeing your face I wouldn’t be surprised. I look at you and I not only see Cleveland but I hear him. You are Cleveland. Cleveland is you. And also, not for nothing, but being sued for a tweet is some serious bullshit. Who doesn’t chirp people on twitter? If this lawsuit stands our entire society crumbles yesterday. And if no one has ever told you that you look like Cleveland then you need some new friends because the ones you have are lame and don’t know how to bust balls.




Does this guy realize Marlon Wayanas is black? He can call you the N word bro, those are the rules. Everyone knows that.