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Frankie Fins Fans Week 7 the Great Pretenders

Was that Kerryon Johnson or Barry Sanders, could not tell as the Dolphins defense had it handed it to them by the Detroit Lions. This was the game that affirmed another season for Miami in NFL hell, as the New England Patriots are now in first place to stay as the Dolphins will likely fade away into another 7-9, 8-8 or 9-7 season. This means another inconsequential draft pick from a no-name school who will have no impact assuring the Dolphins never-ending purgatory.

The trouble started with an injury report as it seemed half the Dolphins defense was listed. Cameron Wake returned after missing two games but made no impact as he was clearly still slowed by his sore knee. Against this backdrop, the Dolphins defense was turned into silly putty as the Lions scored on nearly every possession. The unquestioned star was Kerryon Johnson who rushed for 150 yards on 19 carries, add in 50 yards by LeGarrette Blount and you have a defense that gave up 248 yards on the ground. The Dolphins defense did perform decently in the red zone and forced to settle for field goals four times.

The four field goals did allow the Dolphins to have a sliver of hope, as Brock Osweiler performed well again in relief of Ryan Tannehill, completing 22 of 31 passes for 239 yards, with two touchdowns as the entire game was played without a turnover. Though in a sign that proves positive that we can’t have nice things, Albert Wilson suffered a knee injury and knowing my luck with teams it’s going to be a season-ending injury. Add this to the Dolphins being without Devante Parker, who is rumored to be on the trading block and suddenly the Dolphins pass game is as barren as the run game. The injury bug seems to be hitting Miami hard these days as a security guard was decked on Kenny Stills’ second-quarter score. At least her family will get a football, though time she misses from work will likely send them to the poor house.

In the end, when you can’t make a stop on defense you can’t win unless you have an all-time quarterback, and Osweiler has played well but he is not capable of winning games like that. Following their 32-21 loss, the Dolphins won’t have long to lick their wounds as they play Thursday Night against the Houston Texans who have won their last four games.