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We Have A Good Old Fashioned #Spitgate Controversy After Video Comes Out Of Rajon Rondo Appearing To Spit On Chris Paul

I’m sure most people saw the fight from last night with Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo. Other than everyone being excited that punches were actually thrown and landed in an NBA fight, the big story was that Rondo allegedly spit in Paul’s face.

Since this happened in the NBA, you knew the gumshoes on #NBATwitter would put on their detective hats and whip out their magnifying glasses before breaking everything down frame-by-frame like the goddamn Zapruder film. Which of course they did.

Could known level-headed player Rajon Rondo really spit in an opponent’s face? Lets take a closer look!

*Freeze frame*



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Yup, there appears to be some sort of liquid shrapnel leaving Rajon Rondo’s mouth! I don’t know if there is enough to be considered a spit or just a spray. But some sort of spittle clearly leaves Rondo’s lips. However it does not appear to be a true loogie because it lacks mucus, which would mean it may not have been premeditated.

Rondo also appears to be employing the age old Mouthguard Defense which states if it’s mouthguard spit, you must acquit.

Now was Rondo’s saliva released with intent? That’s not for me to say. I’m not trying to get Barstool sued for what happens with another man’s mouth. Only reckless people would do that. But I do have to say that nothing beats a good #spitgate. I remember as a kid the craziness that ensued when Robbie Alomar spit on an ump and Bill Romanowski spit on JJ Stokes, which makes sense because spitting in someone’s face is one of the most disrespectful things you can do to another human. When it comes to bodily fluids, I have spitting only behind pissing, shitting, cumming, and puking on another person. And if someone does any of those to you, your first instincts should be to fight them (unless you are into some kinky shit like the KFC Radio boys). I also don’t know what this means for LeBron James since the alleged spitter in this instance was his teammate and the spittee was his banana boat friend. Usually you have to side with someone in a spitting incident like this.

Here is my take on all this when it comes to punishment. I don’t think you can suspend Chris Paul for this fight. If someone spits in your face and you DON’T throw hands, then you should be suspended. Not the other way around. If CP3 does get called into the principal’s office and walks away with a suspension, he should spit in Adam Silver’s face and see how he reacts. If Silver has any pride, he will punch Chris Paul in the face. Because I believe if someone spits on you, they have not only spit on your good name but also given you the green light to punch them in the face.