LeBron Wearing A Shirt With A Picture Of LeBron James In A LeBron James Jersey Is As Cocky As It Gets


What a move by LeBron. He must have forgot there would be cameras around and got embarrassed to see himself in his own shirt. I mean who would do that? Not someone like LeBron, I’m sure. He’s too smart to be caught wearing a shirt of himself before his opener with the Lakers. Nope, that’s not something he would do one bit. Maybe we’re looking at this wrong. Maybe this isn’t LeBron.

Personally, I hope it’s him just saying fuck it and is going LA cocky. I want to see cocky LeBron. I know we’ve seen it before but if it happened in Cleveland, does it really count? This is LA we’re talking about. This is the Lakers. I want to see him turn into playoff LeBron for game 1 of the NBA season.

I mean what’s the worst that can happen when LeBron gets cocky?