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The Lakers Are Officially The Favorites To Win The NBA Title After This Not At All Ridiculous Pump Up Speech By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Forget all the Warriors threepeat talk or the Celtics taking home the title and becoming the NBA’s next dynasty. The Lakers are now locks to bring the Larry O’Brien trophy back to LA because Arnold Schwarzenegger took time from his extremely busy schedule to let LeBron know that he is going to watch him and the rest of the team every single time, whatever that means. Arnold is so busy in fact that he did it during his lifting time. And if we know anything about Arnold, it’s that he cherishes his lifting time.

Thursday’s arms and back day. I don’t know if you heard Arnold counting, but he did over a thousand before signing off with a catchphrase that was invented when LeBron was 7. All that was missing from making this completely preposterous video was Arnold rocking a Planet Hollywood shirt. Then again, LeBron has a teammate that once blew in his ear during a game, another with the alter ego Pierre, and a third that was responsible for making this video that made people who watched it feel like they were on acid.

So maybe Arnold’s video is exactly what the Lakers and the meme team needs to get ready for the season. In fact after watching this, I cannot wait to see who else in LaLaLand jumps on the Lakers bandwagon with not at all ridiculous hype videos. The only chance the Warriors have of becoming a contender again is if Steven Seagal sends his best wishes over from Moscow. Otherwise I am officially putting the Lakers in as a lead pipe lock to take home the title this year.