Markelle Fultz Is Adopting The Ben Simmons Mentality And NOT In A Good Way *UPDATE*

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YIKES. Hate to see that if you’re a Sixers fan. Hard to watch even as a Celtics fan. Is Markelle ever gonna shake those cobwebs loose? Goddamn. Either way it looks like we’re gonna have to start running new polls on Mickstape now.

As stated before, I really know nothing about anything, and am actively incapable of writing, so surely don’t listen to my mashed up garble on the subject. Thankfully our 76ers writer/ardent Kobe defender Rone has got that covered for us…

There’s no doubt he’s gonna be a work in progress all season long so buckle up for a bumpy ride on NBA Twitter folks. It’s definitely good to see Fultz out there at the bare minimum for sure, but let’s be real Philly.

Is this what’s gonna happen anytime he makes a play now, no matter the value?

Feel like that’s gonna create more pressure than support. But what do I know? I’m literally a moron.

But shout out to non-moron and 1st team ALL ENERGY Bobby Portis for his hot start tonight on the Bulls. He came on Mickstape in September right before training camp and clearly learned something useful from the playing days of Trilly Whiskers and The Mick Man.

Love to see it. And just FYI Mickstape IS willing to do the same for more NBA players. Just preferably no Sixers, Lakers, or anyone that took minutes from Trill back in ’97. Thanks


30 minutes after this blog Fultz decided to adopt the anti-coward strategy. It’s a bold move but one that should pay off. Congrats kid!

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