Watching Kyle Lowry Do The Handshake Routine He Used To Do With DeMar DeRozan All By Himself Is Tough To Watch

I’m not sure if I needed to see that sad ass video to end my work day. But watching Kyle Lowry pay respects to his dead very much alive ex-teammate like he is Shep on the roof top of Above The Rim was something else. Whenever we hear a story about Lowry and DeRozan, it’s about how much those dudes liked playing with each other and for the city of Toronto. Then one of them is gone overnight and the other one is acting like he’s still there. I saw my buddy’s younger dog do the same kind of thing when his older dog died. Shit is just sad.

However, I also realized after watching this video that the Spurs are 1000000% going to sign Lowry when he’s a free agent after next season. Sure everyone anointed the Raptors as winners of the trade because they acquired an MVP candidate for a very good player that was just benched in the playoffs. But Pop is playing checkers and knew that the Spurs need a point guard, he doesn’t have time to groom a young one, and Lowry may be willing to leave some money on the table to play with his buddy again because the trade absolutely crushed them both. Plus did you know they don’t have state income tax in Texas? If you’ve ever watched ESPN during any free agency period, you definitely know that! Lowry to the Spurs in the summer of 2020, followed by LeBron and the Lakers sweeping them in four games.

CC: @ColdTakesExposed.

And if you are Kawhi, you have to feel like kiiiiind of an asshole after seeing that video, right? You stomped your feet and held your breath and had your uncle hide you in different rooms like one of those Yakety Sax videos until the Spurs traded you and in the process you broke your new teammate’s heart. Now every time Lowry tells a joke to the team, you know Kawhi is going to have to oversell it*. And we know how that is going to go.

*That is if Kawhi actually has human emotions, which is still TBD