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These Gambling Triggers Are So Spot On

This came across my feed on twitter and I mean, it couldn’t be more spot on.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 1.10.53 PM

Let me point out all of the key bullets here. ” Maybe it’s one of these common gambling causes, or a mix of them.” Nope its pretty much all of them.

  • Boredom and Desire for Distraction – Both of these are basically the same shit but yes I like to gamble when I am bored. If there aren’t any games on maybe I will dabble with some cards. Also if you think I go into 7-11 and don’t come out with some scratch offs you don’t know me. Come to think of it maybe I should pick up some new hobbies like flying a kite or even pick up a book.Well reading is a stretch but just thinking about not gambling sounds so boring, it’s a life style.
  • The Need For Money – It’s not so much the need for money but everyone knows money won is so much better than money earned. Once I start losing though, yeah it is all about the need for money.
  • Social Gambling/Desire for Anti-Social Activity-  These two are my favorite because if I am in a social gathering that I don’t want to be at, bet on any game that is on. It gives you the excuse to be tuned out because you have money on the game. I feel like Feitelberg saying this but betting on a game is going to be better than half the things I need to go out of the house and be social for.
  • Confidence in Skills – My name is the mush, I still believe I can turn it around and my picks are the best ones out there. I don’t believe anyone actually bets and isn’t confident in their picks. Speaking of this, read my blog later on today for some easy winners.