It Does Not Matter If You Just Had A Great Debut And Are The #1 Pick, You Get Those Towels Bitch

(ABC 15) – He may be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft — the first such pick in Suns history — but after Wednesday’s win, rookie center Deandre Ayton was still — well — treated like a rookie.

While talking to the media after the Suns’ 121-100 win over the Mavericks on Wednesday night, Ayton was forced to interrupt his post-game interview session when veteran Trevor Ariza chimed in.

“Where the towels at, rook?” the 33-year-old Ariza yelled at the 20-year-old Ayton, who promptly got up and grabbed a bunch of towels for his older teammates.

Kids nowadays are spoiled assholes. That can especially be true with young NBA star players. They go their whole lives being told how awesome they are, everyone treats them like Gods, and now with social media and the internet age, we see guys come into the league and right away think they are too good for rookie duties. Now Ayton has never given us that vibe, but I damn sure respect Trevor Ariza for making sure that despite his great debut and everyone wanting to talk to him that he is not above his rookie duties. What you think Ariza is going to get those towels himself? The man has been in the league since 2004 he doesn’t have time for that shit. He sold too many newspapers to be caught dead doing something like that.

And honestly, all things considered, this wasn’t even that bad of an ask. Sure Ayton was in the middle of something but in my opinion things could have been way worse. Probably because he isn’t a dickhead, Ariza gave him something easy. I am all in on rookie hazing whether it’s making them dress funny, or filling their car with popcorn, I’m here for all of it. Nothing better than seeing rookies with big egos being reminded that they aren’t shit, even if they are really really really good at basketball.

Maybe this was the type of veteran leadership the Suns need. I mean they looked great last night and maybe that’s why guys like Ariza were brought in. Maybe not Ryan McDonough was onto something here, and now James Jones is going to get all the benefits. The NBA can be cruel sometimes, that we know.