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Is Khabib Nurmagomedov Formally Surrendering To Conor McGregor In Their Ongoing War?

Folks, I’ve been thinking about the above tweet all night. I literally couldn’t sleep because I was tossing and turning in bed having nightmares about the possibility that Khabib Nurmagomedov, the current UFC Lightweight Champion, has formally surrendered to Conor McGregor. I don’t want him to, despite what your preconceived notions are telling you. I really don’t!

I think as a fan of mixed martial arts, Khabib’s talent in the cage is undeniable.

Twenty-seven wins – ZERO losses?! What an accomplishment!!!

And as an unbiased journalist, I was really looking forward to covering Nurmagomedov’s continued feud with Conor McGregor, as it has already brought so many new eyes to the sport, and enthralled children globally, which in turn could’ve helped set up multiple generations of mixed martial artists…but it seems Khabib doesn’t care about the kids…or the sport…at all.

From everything I’ve gathered, Conor McGregor thought his first bout against Nurmagomedov was a good knock, and was immediately looking forward to the rematch.

Who wasn’t?!

I mean sure, he lost the match, but he won the battle, and took the loss like a true professional! He’s owned up to it all. He’s moved on with his life, pimpin’ out that Proper No. Twelve Whiskey to everyone he can, and he’s just generally enjoying life. Look at him!

He couldn’t wait for the war to go on. He loves this sport more than anything in the world (except Dee Devlin, Conor Jr, Dillon Danis, Artem Lobov, Coach Kav, and possibly, probably not, but just maybe, me)! McGregor also knows a continuation of this rivalry with work to the the financial benefit of himself, Khabib, the UFC, the United States of America, and both fighters’ entire camps. He’s just trying to spread the wealth a bit, ’cause hey, it’s only business, right?! Only business!

Dana White claims the “business” involving Khabib being offered $15 million for the rematch immediately is “#1 bullshit”, but even still, Khabib is pretty dead set on not being interested in a rematch with the Irishman, and has even threatened to retire and leave the UFC in the week and a half since his main event bout at UFC 229. It sure seems like he’s going through a hard time, and I wish nothing but the best for him, because I can’t imagine the psychological effect “defeating” Conor McGregor would have on me, knowing a rematch was imminent – a rematch I knew I couldn’t win, knowing lightning doesn’t strike twice – so I wish the best for him…truly. But I just wish he didn’t concede the second round of this war like he did.

I guess he really did, though. But hey – I’ll give him 24 hours to respond to Conor McGregor’s open challenge for a rematch (anyplace, anytime) just to say he’d be willing, and if “The Eagle” remains radio silent, we’re going to have to count this as a professional loss on his record and start rallying towards a rubber match – something I really would hate to see happen.

So please, Khabib!!! Don’t surrender!!! I’m begging you!!!

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