Lil Wayne Shouting Out "Uncle Bob," The Cop Who Saved His Life When He Was 12, Was Awesome

Remember when Lil Wayne said “there’s no such thing as racism” on Skip and Shannon?

Well that’s probably not true, but the reason he said it was because of “Uncle Bob,” the white cop in New Orleans who saved his life when he tried to commit suicide when he was 12.  A bunch of cops jumped over him, but “Uncle Bob”-a homicide cop who wasn’t even on duty that day-picked him up and took him to the hospital in his own car after EMS on the scene said two times that he was gone.  Didn’t just drop him off, but stayed in the hospital to make sure he was okay.  He has two amputated legs and to this day still refuses any help whatsoever from Wayne.  Won’t even let him pick up his restaurant tab.


After all the sizzurp and seizures, I guess I was pretty surprised to hear Wayne be so eloquent and insightful.  But that was a great speech.