Pusha T Says He Didn't Get Information On Drake From Kanye, He Says He Got It From Drake's Producer 40

Hmmmmmm who to believe who to believe. The web of potential lies gets bigger and bigger every time one of the players in this beef opens their mouth. On the one hand, these latest comments from Pusha T seem pretty convenient after Drake went on LeBron’s show and basically said Kanye was the one who gave Pusha all the information about his child and baby momma. Kanye is getting killed for being a snake and these comments seem like Pusha trying to protect his boss. It’s a smart move by Pusha because his claims are unverifiable. We’re never gonna find out who this mystery chick is who supposedly fucks 40 and gets information from him. It’s like when Pusha said Drake had a $100,000 offer out to anyone who could provide dirt on Pusha. Was that true? Probably not but it’ impossible to verify one way or the other so some people will just assume it’s a fact. That’s exactly what Pusha is doing with this 40/Drake stuff. We’d have to go back through all the girls 40 fucked and they wouldn’t tell the truth anyway.

It’s also smart by Pusha because he’s trying to start infighting at OVO. It won’t totally work because Drake and 40 will both deny this is how he got the information buuuuuuuuut there will always be that teeny tiny bit of doubt in the back of Drake’s mind about whether or not he can trust 40 and that’s exactly what Pusha wants.

ON THE OTHER HAND, it could be 100% true. It’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility that 40 let out a little too much while pillow talking with some girl. That’s a story as old as time itself. Get a little sex. Get to talking afterwards and whoops you start spilling beans on matters that you shouldn’t. “Yeah Drake has a secret child blah blah blah.” I still think it was Kanye who gave Pusha the info on Drake because the timeline matches up but I wouldn’t be shocked if 40’s booty call was the leak either.

The good thing for hip hop fans? This might be the thing that makes Drake finally release his unreleased diss track. We might be looking at another round of this beef if Drake and Pusha keep making public statements about it. Who wins then? All of us, that’s who.